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What’s This!!! is a line of very different dry seasonings and rubs, each with a taste all of it’s own. It took many years to perfect this taste! As you can see on the label, there is a large variety of ways and foods to use with these seasonings; a marinade or a tenderizer left on from 45 minutes to over night could be just right for you. We encourage you to try the different blends and find your own way of cooking with What’s This!!! today!  

What’s This!!! comes in a variety of blends.

Which one is your favorite?

What’s This!! Arkansas Razorback All Purpose Rub

This is an excellent rub for tail-gating parties. It it one of our best sellers and can be used on or in almost anything. Great on ribs, butts, burgers and chicken. Perfect for cheering on those Hogs!


What’s This!! Arkansas State Red Wolves All Purpose Seasoning

The only tailgating seasoning you’ll ever need to cheer the Red Wolves on to victory!!
Great on ribs, burgers, vegetables and even popcorn.


Original Dry Seasoning & Rub

What’sThis!!! Original took about a year and a half to formulate. It can be used on or in just about any food. It is great on steak, chicken, roast, pork, bacon, sausage, fish, soup, salad and even popcorn. Just sprinkle on before cooking, let set for 30 minutes or so then cook as desired. I promise you won’t be disappointed… it’s great!!! It has been used in several barbeque cooking contest for pork butts, ribs, hamburgers, etc and has placed in the top three numerous times. We are open for suggestions on uses for What’sThis!!! just put it on our recipe page.

Original Dry Seasoning & Rub – No MSG

What’sThis!!! Dry Seasoning & Rub – No MSG is our same original seasoning without the mono-sodium glutamate added. We realize that some of our customers are allergic to MSG and we have created this blend just for them.

Original Dry Seasoning & Rub – Spicy Cajun Style

What’sThis!!! Spicy Cajun has the same great flavor as the original seasoning but is blended for those of you that like a spicier taste. It is becoming a real good seller and is used in many deli’s and restaurants.

J.D.’s BBQ Seasoning & Rub

What’sThis!!! J.D.’s BBQ Seasoning & Rub is a good flavored BBQ seasoning. It has placed in several cook-offs and is used by several deli’s and restaurants. It is great on Boston butts, chicken, ribs and any other food you might want to have a good BBQ flavor

Jays’s #5 BBQ Seasoning & Rub

What’sThis!!! Jay’s #5 BBQ Seasoning & Rub is a tangy sweet barbeque that has placed at several BBQ cook-offs. It is great on Boston butts, chicken, ribs and any other food you might want to have a sweet BBQ flavor.